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What is our Mission?


Our Story

Find out more about us, what makes us tick and what we believe in.

Blue Bull Recruitment was established in 2018 after years were spent working for various recruitment companies and realising they were all the same and something needed to change!

We are always trying to think of ways we can provide a better service to our clients. We work in an Agile environment and will adapt to our clients' needs.

We will tailor-make a solution to suit your business needs, not our business needs.

Our Vision

We only hire recruitment consultants that truly believe in our ethos and company vision.

We work hard to build solid foundations and relationships with all of our contacts, whether you are looking to hire someone or you're looking to be hired. You will be treated with the same respect as each other.

Every person we deal with is treated with the same dignity, respect and privacy that they deserve.

We will not send unsuitable candidates to a role and we will not accept a role to recruit for if we feel we cannot do the job 100%.


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The Future

The future is what you make of it.

We want the future of recruitment to be a genuine partnership between us and our clients. We all have our strengths so let's play to those strengths together.

Our solutions are tailored to your company, your future, your requirements and your budget. We are helping you plan and budget your growth & hiring whilst ensuring you stick to that budget.

Our partnership solutions are truly bespoke to your needs, they are agile and help you grow with a fixed cost 

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Grow Your company with us

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