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Dive Into our fabulous offering of Recruitment Solutions


This is our newest offering. You will have access to the team at Blue Bull Recruitment for a limited time where we will give you insights and knowledge on how to hire your first staff members.

We will cover best practices, copywriting for SEO, job adverts, interviewing, onboarding, CV screening, interview questions and you will also get a job advert listing as part of the package*

We are here to support with any questions, help or advice and will equip you with the confidence to know how and where to find your new team member, how to nurture your connections and anything else you are keen to know.

This consultancy is one set fee and is perfect for small SMEs and startups that need to make their first hire, are unsure of the best way to go about it but, unfortunately, maybe don't have the finances to engage us on a contingent basis or would prefer to make their first few hires directly

*The job advert included will be shared across 30+ UK-based job boards for a wider reach

Bespoke Growth Partnership

We love working with Start-Ups and Scale-Ups. It is fast-paced and exciting but also hard work! We have a fantastic solution for you. It is similar to an RPO approach (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) but with other added benefits. We discuss the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of the business and what your growth plans are. We will discuss budgets, plans, requirements, desirables and agree a 'Project' timeline and total fee with measurable outcomes along the way. We will have monthly and quarterly catch-up meetings to discuss the progress and make any alterations to the project as required.

You will benefit from some great additional services such as Market Analysis, Brand Awareness, CRM access to save time, Wider job reach, Onboarding help, a Streamlined interview process with candidate video introductions and much more.

Our Start-up Recruitment and Scale-Up Recruitment solutions are fantastic as you can budget without the worry of unexpected costs and keep the growth of the business at the heart of the process

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Not all companies have a requirement to recruit staff members on a regular basis but we are still great partners for your contingent recruitment. You will benefit from our skills and expertise across multiple Sectors and we will agree on the terms and fees upfront before we work on your role.

Some of our contingent recruitment clients will use us once or twice a year, others we can recruit for them four or five times within a 12 month period.


This is totally flexible without any long-term commitment. Some clients engage us on a Retained basis for more senior hires and others on a standard contingent model.

Services you get with
our Bespoke Growth solution

These are some of the services and added extras you will receive as part of our Bespoke Growth Solution

  • Candidate Video Introduction

  • CV Guarantee per role

  • Weekly reporting

  • Market Analysis

  • Onboarding help

  • Access to our CRM where you can add your own notes or request interviews etc.

  • Dedicated consultant or team

  • Reduced Fees

  • Targeted Talent sites

  • Candidate follow-up

Benefits of our Bespoke Growth Solution

These are some of the benefits our clients have loved as part of the solution for Start-Ups, Scale-ups and Partnerships

  • Understand your position within the market

  • We screen your own direct applications too, saving you more time and less need to juggle candidates from different sources

  • Access to our CRM so you can add notes, request interviews, provide feedback and much more, any time 24/7/365 reducing the need for constant calls and emails

  • We have access to over 150 job boards UK wide giving us a wider reach

  • You could be saving £1000's even with just 2 or 3 placements a month

If you don't take advantage of this, your competitors will!
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