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Client 2 - Telecomms

A B2B telecoms supplier based in 6 offices across the UK

This was a new client who came straight on the Partnership solution. They had 5 offices across the UK and opened a 6th office. Client 2 wanted an initial short project of 4 months to hire 8 x SDRs (Sales development representatives) for their new call centre.

Had they done these hires on our contingent model at 15% fee with a basic salary of £28,000 it would have cost £33,600. On our new partnership solution the total fee was £28,000, split in to 4 equal monthly payments of £7,000.

Not only did they save £5,600, the cost was spread across the project so it was easy to forecast and budget the cost to hire, they also has all the great benefits included in our bespoke solution including their company page access on our ATS, competitor analysis to see where they sat against their main competitor when it comes to environment, perks, salary, benefits and staff opinion, to name a few of the perks.

We are now discussing the next project to help grow the teams at all of their sites on a 12 month project starting next month. This project also includes some senior hires to help the team grow and run smoothly.

Here is what the hiring manager had to say:

"Blue Bull Recruitment have been brilliant to work with over the last 4 months and it was a brilliant end to 2022. We managed to staff our new call centre with some great new staff members and the process was very streamlined. The ATS access is brilliant giving us a snapshot of the candidates and process. Phillipa and Simon were very easy to deal with, understood our requirements and very pro-active in their approach.

We cannot wait to start our new project next month and look forward to continuing this working relationship in 2023. Thank you once again"

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