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New Partnership solution is live and feeling the love!

We have been working on our recruitment solutions for some time now as we wanted to stand out to our clients. Gone are the days of just contingent recruitment and we understand our client's needs are greater than that sometimes

Introducing our new solutions for Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and the partnership solution for larger companies.

You can find out all the juicy details and benefits by visiting our SOLUTIONS page of our website but our clients are loving it so far!

A case study from one of our fabulous Digital Marketing Agency clients makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They were experiencing a period of growth and after securing a larger office they were looking at growing the team to fill the extra space and grow to the next level.

We agreed a project of 6 months with a set amount of hires for the time period. They were given their own personal access to their company file in our CRM system so they could provide interview feedback directly on the candidate profile, arrange meetings and interviews, read our notes and much more.

After the initial 6 months this client has now engaged us on another 6 month partnership as they continue to scale. Over the first 6 month partnership this client saved a total of over £17,750 not to mention the awesome benefits they also received as part of the project.

These solutions are so agile and work excellently in an ever changing world and they are perfect if you require multiple hires over the next 3 months or more

If you want to find out more about our solutions or how we are helping our clients streamline their recruitment and attract top talent get in touch with us today

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