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New Bespoke Recruitment Solutions update after our first 4 months

So we are 4 months in to our new Bespoke Recruitment Solutions launch, or Partnership as we tend to call it, and we wanted to drop a post to update you all on how it has gone so far and what our clients are saying about it!

One of our main reasons for setting up this company was to treat all of our clients, candidates and staff with the respect they deserve. After the many conversations that we have with clients day in, day out, we saw that a lot of clients tend to shy away from using a recruitment agency when they are approaching a period of growth.

The reasons varied from uncertainty of the hire they will need and the agile environment they work in, therefore leading to a lot of change. Another (main) reason was cost to hire. On a contingent model at our standard fee it would work out quite costly to implement a growth plan with the help of an agency, especially if you are looking for a large number of hires.

This is where our new Bespoke solution was born! Business growth is so exciting but it is also stressful for senior team members and can be very time consuming so it is probably a key time that a recruitment agency could step in and help you with this growth and ease some of the burdens.

What our partnership / bespoke solution looks like

Every solution is totally different as they are tailored solely for your business, hiring needs, growth plan, budget etc. We go through a thorough fact-finding mission at the beginning to determine what the growth plans are and the hires that will be required.

We will then agree a timeline for this 'project'. Some clients have chosen 4 months, whilst some have spread their project over 12 months - it is entirely up to you.

We will then agree on the roles you need to hire for and the added extras that you want to take advantage of. We offer a range of benefits and bonuses including:

  • Video introduction from candidates (facilitated and managed by us)

  • Pre-screen and telephone interview your own direct applicants for the same roles

  • Market analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Access to your company page on our ATS (By far THE best benefit that will save a heap of time!)

  • Weekly reporting

  • Targeted talent sites

  • Access to over 150 UK based job boards

  • A dedicated consultant (or more if required) to manage your project

As this is bespoke you can build it however you want to reflect your business and growth plans.

The beauty of this solution is it is recession-proof. If you have a plan and need to grow your business in 2023 but you have a strict budget then we will ensure you do not go over that budget. Not only that, but you will know the total cost upfront and this cost is split into equal, manageable, monthly payments.

What our current partnership clients have had to say about it

We have already had 4 clients use this bespoke solution service and so far so good! We have received only positive feedback and there have been no negatives that we have come across.

The best way to describe this solution was said by one of our clients after their 3 month project ended and they have renewed for another 6 months with us on a new project. This client said:

"This bespoke solution has felt like I have had my own team of Talent Aquisiton staff working to hire for our business without the time to hire, cost of onbaording, cost of sourcing the correct job boards etc and they managed to start on the vacancies form day 1 which would never have been possible had I needed to hire my own in-house recruitment team.

I am blown away by the quality of candidates, ease of working with Phillipa and Simon and of course the savings involved. What a great way to work and we can't wait to get underway with our next project with you in February"

So far, out of the 4 clients we have had on this bespoke solution, 3 have renewed for new projects and the 4th has indicated that they will be renewing this summer once this current project finishes.

But which sectors or positions do you hire for?

We have experience working across a range of sectors including Hospitality recruitment, IT & Digital recruitment, Sales recruitment and Marketing recruitment.

Our bespoke solution suits any and all business types, we have supported start-up and scale-up companies with their hiring needs and have some solid knowledge in these sectors.

Our mission is to make hiring staff for your company as straightforward and streamlined as possible whilst adding value and benefit to the client (you). If you are a period of growth you may need some entry level sales staff, some mid level supervisors and a senior hire to manage them all - we can help with this.

Our team of consultants all have their own strengths and when these are added together we can provide you with high quality candidates for any role you need filling. You will no longer need to engage 2, 3 or 4 agencies to succeed with your growth plan. This can be confusing, time consuming and a general head ache sometimes trying to co-ordinate so many people, suppliers, candidates and interviews, especially if you are passing them on to different hiring managers.

Why are we so special?

We have listened to our clients over the last 2 years. We hear what your pain points are, we hear the challenges you face each day and week, we know the stresses and difficulties you have experienced in the past filling your vacancies and we know the impact it can have on a business when there is one or two vacancies unfilled and how that can impact your existing team members.

Our biggest selling point of this solution is our ATS (Applicant tracking system). We are able to create a guest log in for you to access your company profile on our system. Here you will be able to see everything that is going one. You will see the candidates in the pipeline, which pipeline stage they are at, view their CV, add notes, request interviews, add questions you would like asking, leave feedback and even add in offers of employment.

This can all be done whenever you want to. We all have hectic work lives at times and some industries have varied working hours. Some of our hospitality clients give feedback at 11pm or midnight after a busy evening service, whilst some hiring managers will search through and add notes and interview requests at 6am when they're having their breakfast.

The beauty of this service is that you do not need to try and find 30 minutes in your diary for a call or an hour for a Teams with us you can add notes whenever you like giving you back valuable time in your working day.

The final score!

All in all, these past 4 months have been amazing! We have loved seeing these solutions develop and grow, getting to know some of our old clients better and meeting new clients. We are so proud to be able to help you all with your growth and seeing you develop and grow gives us the warm and fuzzies every time.

If you want to read more about the solutions we offer please visit our website HERE

If you want to have a no-obligation chat with a member of our team to see how we could help you with your hiring plans of 2023 please submit our contact form

If you have plans to grow your teams in 2023 or you have current vacancies that you need filling then give us a call today to discuss your needs. We can work with you on a contingent, Ad-Hoc basis or our bespoke solution, depending on what you require. I will say this though - If you need to fill vacancies and struggle with your time to hire or you already use an agency but want to stick to a tighter hiring budget give us a call 0161 327 3202.

If you don't - your competitors will!

We have a limited number of spaces to ensure a valuable service to all of our clients

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