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Recruitment agencies bring an advantage and value to your company in an affordable way, here's why..

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

So we all know that the job of a recruitment agency is to help you fill your vacancies. Some companies engage us on their vacancies just before they are live and other companies will engage us on the roles when they have been unsuccessful finding a direct hire – But, have you ever thought of the other skills we have that you can utilise? These are Blue Bull Recruitment's Secret Weapons and the reason we Rock 🤘

A common misconception is that all recruitment companies are only after the fee and once they have the fee the relationship will end there (Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am/Sir). I have worked for various recruitment firms since 2015 and have noticed a very distinct difference in how some treat their clients better than others.

The recruitment industry has had a bad reputation for some time now and, unfortunately, there are still agencies out there that will do anything for their fee but I am pleased to say these are very few and far between, for the majority of us we do care!

This post will tell you why we are a great partner for your company and how we stand out from the crowd with the way we treat you, behave and act. Our approach is one that has not been seen yet (That we know of in the way we offer it, anyway) so grab a cuppa, sit down and learn how you can stay ahead of the competition and save money on your hiring whilst having us as your Bespoke Recruitment Partner.

"Blue Bull Recruitment are like having my own in-house talent acquisition team without the outlay, time to train and onboard, cost implications from job boards and hassle of salaries. I wish I had known about this service during my first growth phase"

What does our bespoke service look like and why are we so different?

Not everyone likes to be different, some like to blend in to the background - Not us! We're rainbow not beige! Our Bespoke solution is not your run-of-the-mill, contingent recruitment service where we will place one candidate with you and that's it until the next time (although we do offer contingent recruitment with some added spice!). A recent study shows that 70% of hiring managers said their biggest stumbling block when recruiting has been time to hire. The solutions we offer can be broken down in to 5 key sections or 'Reasons we're awesome'


Reason we're awesome #1: Vacancies and Candidates

Let's face it - this is why you need us. Ultimately, you need to fill an upcoming or newly created vacancy. You may not have the time or inclination to write your job ad, pay to have it posted or boosted, screen ever application, arrange interviews and so on.... It is a long process

We speak with clients every single day and the most common pain point today for hiring managers is that they just do not have the time to spend writing the job ad and then screening every single application that comes through to shortlist the best for interview. Another common problem that will occur is once you pay for your job ad to be posted or boosted on one of the leading job boards (which will cost a considerable amount of money) is that hiring managers will want to see the advert through. If you have paid for a 4 or 6 week advert you will want to see who applies and will add a closing date - That's awesome. What happens though if Candidate X that applied on day 2 or day 6 is perfect but by the time the closing date looms nearer they have accepted a job offer somewhere else (maybe even your competitors!) You've missed a gem.

We speak with candidates all day, every day and as there is more than 1 of us, we can get through a good amount. We have the time to properly talk to them, find out what makes them tick and what they are looking for from their next role. Candidates will be brutally honest with us when it comes to what they do and don't want form their next role so you need to trust us.

One advantage of being a recruitment partner is as soon as you get in touch with a new job requisition, our brains will be firing. We will be listening to you and researching your company whilst our brain is filing through the candidates we have registered recently. By the time we finish the discovery call or Zoom, we will have a shortlist of recent candidates ready to start making calls right away.

'You do you and I will do me' You carry on with your job, that you are great at and let me do the job I am great at. We have spent many years honing our skills and this is what we are awesome at.


Reason we're awesome #2: sourcing

In recruitment and business, sourcing can mean many things. For us and for you, sourcing means our ability to dig up the treasure, find the diamond in the rough, bring you the candidates you want and need - Your future superstars!

All recruitment agencies invest heavily in Tech and processes that enable us to:

  • Do our job to the best of our ability

  • Perform better

  • Give you the top-notch service you deserve

  • Scan, scour and source candidates from many places

Blue Bull Recruitment are no different. We have an awesome Tech-Stack in place that enables us to see the available candidates, whether they are active or passive, and we can connect with them. Obviously, some job requisitions are easier to fill than others but that is another beautiful aspect of our Bespoke Solution - Time. We will discuss this later on.

When you try and recruit directly you will probably pick one leading job board to advertise the job vacancy on and hope the best person will apply in the timeframe you have. This does work sometimes, however, why only advertise your job to one audience when your superstar may be hiding or they may be unhappy in their current role at your competitor but haven't started to seriously look for a new job.

We have access to over 150 job boards so when we advertise your vacancy across our network, it will be seen by bucket loads of extra candidates you wouldn't normally reach. We also have other avenues to search for these passive candidates and have access to literally thousands and thousands of active job seekers that you may never know about or have the reach.

The way we describe it is if you were to open a sweet shop you wouldn't just go to your local cash and carry and buy a selection of what they have would you? That would mean you had no USP, nothing special and you were the same as the rest. You would go online, do some research, visit your competitors to see the gap in the market or where you could be strong and you will go after that whole range of sweets, chocolates, crisps etc.

Why would you trust your next hire to one job board and one job ad when you can get someone else to do all the legwork for you to research, prime and contact the best candidate for your company and team.


Reason we're awesome #3: Knowledge

Albert Einstein once said "Try not to become a man of success. Rather Become a man of value". You can be successful but if you bring value to the table too, then you're truly winning.

We are proud of our ethos and the way we work. We are not simply hired by companies to fill the odd vacancy. We are hired as recruitment partners because we offer bespoke solutions to your hiring needs. We have been around companies of all sizes and know their pain points and where they have met difficulties. We speak with candidates daily and know what they really value these days and the key perks that would encourage a top candidate to move to a new company.

If you have Blue Bull Recruitment onboard as your dedicated hiring partner then why not utilise our knowledge to your full advantage? Ask us questions, ask advice, pick our brains, use us as a sounding board or brainstorm with us - We will be more than happy to help

Another part of our knowledge is we have collated all of this information and used it as a backbone to the benefits and perks you can receive as one of our partners. Not only will we fill vacancies and help you achieve your hiring and growth plans, we will also throw in some lovely little treats for you based on what other clients would love to have done differently.

Here are some of the perks you can expect and if you want to know why we are offering this perk then give us a call!

  • Market analysis. We will research and see where you sit in the market against your competitors when it comes to salary and package, hiring trends, brand awareness, staff happiness, retention and the depth of the role itself

  • Agreed number of hire over a set period of time. We will assist you with your growth plans and help ensure you get the staff you need, when you need them. We agree the timeline in advance and then we will have monthly meetings to discuss the progress and make any necessary changes

  • One set cost so no surprises. We agree the total cost for the hires at the beginning so you know exactly what the whole process will cost you. This cost, once agreed, is then split up in to manageable monthly payments across the project. There are no hidden extras or end of project payments. Read more about the costings below

  • Weekly reporting. We will email you across a weekly report detailing our progress that week, candidates submitted, interviews arranged, progress to the next stage, placements made (and the saving if it was on a contingent basis) and anything else you would like us to include in the weekly report

  • Dedicated consultant or team. You will receive a dedicated consultant who will be your main point of contact so we will always be on the same page and up to speed on any progress.

  • Access to your company profile in our CRM. This is probably the most awesome perk you will receive and the one that our clients have said is a game changer for them. You will have your own direct access to your company page. This means you can log at any time of the day or night and view candidates, add notes, request interviews, leave feedback, progress them to the next stage, see our recent notes, double check a CV, add any other notes or updates, add documents like an onboarding form etc. This saves our clients heaps of time as they can do this whenever they want without having to arrange a call or meeting with us (unless you want to!)

"Knowledge is power" Sir Francis Bacon


Reason we're awesome #4: Sales

I can hear you now - "What's sales got to do with recruitment?" Well, everything!

As a recruitment consultant we have to wear many hats (like a LinkedIn post I put up recently) Yes we need to build rapport well and quickly, gain trust and adapt to our audience but that's not all we are good at. We are like the Ninjas of the business world!

Our skills also include:

  • Business Development

  • Sales

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Employer Branding

  • Pipeline Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Administration

  • Multi-Tasking

The list can go on but this what we do each day and have been doing for years. Not only does this mean we can service you better as clients, but we also understand what you are looking for in a candidate when you say the new SDR needs to be resilient or the Account Manager needs to be approachable - We've been there and done that.

Our sales skills are very helpful. We use them to sell your business and vacancy to the candidate, we will then sell the candidate to you. If they make it through and get to the offer stage, we will sell/negotiate the offer to the candidate. Sales is not just about getting people to sign on the dotted line, for us it is about understanding and doing the right thing too.


Reason we're awesome #5: Predicatable and Recession-proof

With all the talk of a recession we don't even know what is the right thing to do. If you have a growth strategy or growth plans this year that includes a number of hires, why not secure that growth and take a step closer to achieving your target staff numbers but engaging us as your recruitment partner?

This Bespoke solution could be called recession proof. You will have a strict budget to stick to for your department and that will cover cost to hire too. We have devised our recruitment services so you can get the most our of what we offer in a sustainable, predictable and economic way without forfeiting the quality of the service.

As mentioned, our service is run like a project. We agree the project timeline, number of hires required, and we also agree the total cost for the 'project'. This agreed total cost is then spread across the timeframe, in manageable and equal monthly payments.

This will get you a gold star from your boss and accounts as you can confidently say that you know to reach your target of X number of hires will cost £x and it is a set payment so it is predictable, enabling you and the company to accurately forecast their expenditure.

One of our recent clients managed to stick to a strict budget and saved thousands of pounds on our bespoke service - you can read about it on our case studies page


We only have limited space for new clients on this partnership model so if you are keen to learn more drop us a line today - If you don't, your competitors might!

If you have a growth plan or a target for team growth and you want to find out more about what we offer and how one of our Bespoke Solutions would look like for your company, get in touch with a member of our team today.

You can visit our website

Give us a call 0161 327 3202

Drop us a message through our website contact page to book a 30 minute discovery call

If you are looking for an ad-hoc, contingent hire to see how amazing we are to work with then you can submit any requirements to us via our website or give us a call to discuss our terms. We can't wait to help you grow and soar.


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